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    영희 and I spent most of the time introducing our 가족 to each other and taught me how to ask how many people are in my family (가족이 몇 명입니까?). She also helped me with the somewhat of a tongue twister (at least for me) of 몇 명. She introduced me to her 아버지, 어머니 and 여동생, while I introduced her to my 아버지 and 남동생. She also taught me the terms 잘생겼어요 and 여뻐요 for commenting on a person’s appearance being handsome or pretty. We also added each other on KakaoTalk so we could message each other more over the break, which we did.


    Great! Contacting via KakaoTalk would be one of ways you guys often contact. That’s really good. 🙂
    You learned 예뻐요! So, 영희는 예뻐요?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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