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    For the week of spring break, me and Younghee were already messaging each other a lot so it turned out that we already mostly knew what the other was doing over the weekend before we took the meeting time to talk about it.

    She taught me the phrase : 저 지난 주말에… (Last weekend, I…)

    She went to her friend’s wedding and was sweet enough to share some pictures. I told her about how I made the long way back to Stony Brook via bus/train after spring break. Since we were already talking about the events of the weekend as they were happening, we had lots of time to talk about other things as well. I learned that she was an exchange student during high school, which definatly a reason why we have been able to communicate so fluently.

    I also found out that we had just finished watching the same K-drama 길미힐미, which had just finished airing in Korea. So we had to talk about that and how good the plot was and which of our characters were our favorites!

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