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    This week was a little more hactic of a meeting than normal. Younghee woke up a little late so we pushed back the meeting a bit, and then I had to run to make sure that I got the last bus to my dorm and getting get stranded on main campus (I made it!). We stuck on the subject for the most part. Since we pushed the time back, I ended up at the rec center and ended up setting up to talk to her there, so I showed her around where I had myself situated. I told her that I had been running and she said that she had a yoga class that she signed up for at her dorms, not to mention that we both said we were normally too lazy to exercise that much. Since this time she was in her dorm room, she showed me what that looked like as well.

    Since we were both a little out of it from rushed to make sure we could talk, we ended up not using much Korean and instead just talked about our schedules and the classes we were taking. She has one more semester left before she graduates to become a Korean teacher, which is so exciting. I told her that I was a junior and this was my first semester of Korean. That I had previously gone to a community college and I explain what that was, since they don’t seem to have that or it’s equivalent in Korea.

    We were also talking about what we wanted to do in the future and I was saying how I wanted to be a translator and live in the city with my friend, which was something that she found interesting. She said when people are asked about the future in Korea they answer with “I want to be (insert profession here)” not where they want to be locationally over professionally, which was an interesting difference to the both of us.


    Interesting! You wanted to be a translator. What language were you interested in?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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