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    We talked about the difference between pizza in 한국 and 미국. Whereas the pizza in the US is usually just tomato sauce and cheese and a few other tops. Korea has many different selections just from the crust, even sweet potato crust. They also have many different toppings like shrimp and corn which Americans don’t put on their pizza. This weekend Dasom went to see cherry blossoms with her friends. Although Dasom lives in Korea she’s not really into Kpop or Korean dramas. But she does occasionally watch Superman is Back, which I watch too. Even though both of us don’t really follow Kpop that much it was funny we agreed that Bae Suzy is basically talentless. Dasom thought it was funny how internationally people understood that. We talked about the differences in media between America and Korea and a bit of Hong Kong. Television shows in Korea often revolve around romance wheres in America tv shows are more balanced between work, life, and romance. Dasom actually likes American tv shows more because it’s not only about romance. I told her how Hong Kong shows are also more balanced between life, work and romance because tv is often an activity or everyone in the family so its often more PG.

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