Sara Bakhtiar Karim Khani

This is Sara Bakhtiar Karim Khani. I am a Technological System Management (TSM) undergraduate student with a minor in Engineering and Technology Entrepreneurship (ETE). I am an international student who was born in South Korea and raised in Iran. Farsi (Persian) is my native language with Korean and English being my second language. I was fortunate enough to come to Stony Brook with the very first group of SUNY Korea students to fulfill the one-year program and this is my second and last semester here. I have the passion for technology and its related fields as well as the passion for people and their life; and TSM major was the one that helped me pursue my passion and take it to the next level. I hope to work as a Project Manger in technology related fields in the future and contribute to the development of human living standard and wellbeing. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories, therefore I love traveling which gives me the opportunity to meet new people, learn about different cultures, hear their stories and experiences, and hopefully exploit them to complete and make potato-head of my life. I love watching K-Drama and Entertainment shows during my leisure time. Being half Korean I was always interested in Korean language and culture, and Korean drama and TV shows opened the door to Korean culture and helped me improve my Korean language skills. My Korean friends tell me I know more Korean dramas than they do! Lastly, patience is my virtue and I think it comes from my ability to understand other people’s perspective. Another positive characteristics I am proud of are hard work and tirelessness when it comes to doing what I like or what I am responsible for.



Youjin Allison Kim

Hello! This is Youjin Allison Kim from SUNY Korea, majoring in TSM (Technological Systems Management). I used to live in Incheon and moved to Seoul 7 years ago. I live in Mok-dong in Yangcheon-gu where is nearby Hongdae and it only takes 40 mins to Gangnam by subway. (By the way, Korean subway has been selected as the most convenient and cleanest in the world!) I was born and spent most of my life in Korea. For my high school life, I’ve got a chance to study in Canada. I was so lucky to study in such beautiful places (I’ve been in BC!). For now, I’ve been spending a year at Stony Brook University as an international student. It was the first time for me to come to the U.S. I love meeting new people and experience new things that I have never tried before. I’ve travelled with my family to Thailand, Australia, and Singapore. I have an younger sister who has spent a year in Denver when she was in grade 6 in elementary school. She is now 18 and attends Jin-myeong Girls’ High School in Seoul. I like to play sports such as soccer and badminton. I personally love to take pictures. I actually own a Facebook page and Naver blog called YA Production where I share my photos and videos. I love animals especially penguins, elephants, and any pets(of course!). I am interested in the field of environmental issues such as climate change, pollutions, and resource management. I hope you guys are excited to come to Korea for this summer! I AM EXCITED to explore Korea with all of you. I am looking forward to meeting you in Korea.